Monday, May 16, 2016

Staying current with SPB

        Strictly Panther Business is not simply a business class. It is a community of forward thinkers and productive students. Thinking all the time about the fast paced world of business, an interesting article was presented as one of many reminders that business is all around us. Titled 8 Entrepreneurs you should follow in 2016. Ranging from authors to stock brokers, this article includes many young, growing entrepreneurs. Reading this article is both inspiring and captivating and I encourage everyone to join the great experience of learning about young entrepreneurs too!

The following passages are direct quotes about the top three entrepreneurs to watch from the article that I found particularly interesting.

1. Gary Vaynerchuk

This best-selling author is one of the most-followed entrepreneurs on social media and for good reason.Gary Vaynerchuk runs VaynerMedia and is an established worldwide entrepreneur. He has a new book out called Ask GaryVee that helps others learn how to find success in today's market. A bonus for Twitter followers? He also uses social media to teach entrepreneurs.

2. Grant Cardone

The New York Times best-selling author and motivational speaker Grant Cardone runsCardone University and has a huge presence on Twitter, which makes him very fun to follow. He also has strong Facebook and Instagram followings and does live streams on Periscope. One of Cardone's biggest claims to fame is that he owns the investment company Cardone Acquisitions, which has bought and sold more than $500 million of real estate.

3. Ramon Ray

Ramon Ray is the founder of the acclaimed entrepreneurship blog He speaks around the world on topics of marketing and entrepreneurship. As the publisher of Smart Hustle Magazine,he knows a thing or two about finding success in today's market. Follow him on Twitter and you'll receive nuggets of knowledge on what it takes to make it. His website's motto is "Fun. Informative. High Energy!" and that is the experience his tweets deliver as well.

If you would like to continue reading about these interesting Entrepreneurs, CLICK HERE

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

SPB Executive Summary

Executive Summary
Strictly Panther Business, better known as SPB provides students a space to exercise and explore their entrepreneurial skills while applying concepts learned in the two previous years in the Academy of Business. SPB is a student owned and student operated Junior Achievement Company at Miami Palmetto Senior High School. The company designs, produces, markets and sells PantherStrong brand products with a team of 27 students, our teacher/advisor, and local business adviser. The ultimate goal of our company is to donate $500 towards the remodeling of our school’s weight room. As of now we have 480 dollars going to the gym room but once we sell out we will surpase our goal. 

• Wristbands- Blue / Black / Red
Glow in the dark 
White PantherStrong Print
• Chap Stick
Panther Smooth Logo
Refreshmint Flavor 
• Necklaces
Panthora silver paw-print charm
Silver chain
Presented in an organza bag with chocolate
• Headbands
PantherStrong logo on a blue elastic band
• P Stickers
Light blue “P” with glossy white or matte grey finish
Weather resistant
• Hairties
Panthora silver heart bead
Elastic band available in tie-dye, blue, chevron, pink, red or black
• Lanyards
Grey lanyard with light blue PantherStrong logo
Dark blue lanyard with white Palmetto Panthers logo

Strictly Panther Business started with an initial investment of $480. With 75 stocks total, 27 stocks were issued for free so every employee would hold at least one share in the company. The remaining 48 stocks were then sold in a closed market for $10 each. Each member of the business was allowed up to 5 shares. 

Friday, April 22, 2016

Why PR is so important to SPB

         In our company, Public Relations is responsible for controlling the relationship between SPB and our customers. They also shape the light that people view our company in. The Public Relation team of SPB contacts local newspaper companies and works with the school's PTSA to spread the word and make sure that people know where to purchase our products and why one should support our company.

         Our PR team works hard to ensure that our market knows about the unique program that this business runs through and how we give back to make our community a better place. Because of SPB's PR, people know that this business has provided students with an irreplaceable  real-life experience towards a business or finance sector not available in any other class in this school. By choosing the third tear of entrepreneurship as a class in their schedule, students are able to get a taste of the business world and find out if they would enjoy pursuing business as a possible career. This class also teaches students real life skills such as teaching information about taxes and working together as a team. In this way, by supporting SPB, one is supporting aspiring entrepreneurs and students looking to grow our community in future businesses.

          Furthermore, SPB is on track to surpass our goal this year to donate over five hundred dollars made from selling our SPB products to Palmetto High School's weight room revamp project funded by many organizations and private donors as well. The more that our class sells for the remainder of the year, the more money we will be able to donate to our school's weight room.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

SPB's CEO Biography

Chief Executive Officer- Shelby Reamer

      Shelby Reamer, A senior in the class of '16 contributed to the 2015-2016 Strictly Panther Business as CEO of SPB. Shelby was elected CEO due to her experience as her Varsity Lacrosse team's captain as well as the leader of several community service projects throughout her high school career. This contributed to her strong leadership presence in the dynamic of the 2015-2016 SPB. Shelby worked with her team to create innovative ideas for SPB such as introducing wholesale products and providing fundraisers for teams and organizations. Shelby will be attending the University of Florida and plans on using the foundation that this business has provided her to succeed with a degree in business management. Shelby worked hard to keep her team motivated and follow through with ideas which helped the 2015-2016 become the most profitable company so far. 

Monday, March 28, 2016

Talented Talkers

By signing up for SPB, one is signing up for many unique in-school opportunities. Of these in-school opportunities, listening to many business savvy guest speakers is one of them.

The academy of entrepreneurship consists of three tier classes. Because Level Three Business Ownership is the top tier of the entrepreneurship program at Palmetto, when a guest speaker comes to talk to our class, or either of the first two tiers, we have a unique opportunity to learn from those who have experienced business in the "real world." Each of the speakers we have learned from have added value to the lessons we learn in class and each contribute to teaching an aspect of business not covered by the last. 

Over the course of the year we have learned from many business savvy individuals. We have heard the business stories of entrepreneurs first starting their company and have helped survey sample products they were trying to introduce. We have had a presentation on the way we should dress in many business scenarios given by Mens Warehouse which I thought was both helpful and at times surprising. I definitely walked out of that presentation feeling like I had my first step down to buying clothes I will need for my first real job or internship interview. We have also been talked to by renowned authors such as David Bianchi, who wrote the number one business book for kids on Amazon for over a month, called Blue Chip Kids. David Bianchi taught us the importance of learning about money before you go to college in order to use your money responsibly and in it's best interest. For example, avoiding too much student debt by choosing a college that fits your fiscal standing point. During his presentation, Bianchi stressed this because of the fact that student debt will not dissolve if you declare bankruptcy; which means you really can't run a away from it.  

Friday, March 18, 2016

What SPB has done for me

        Choosing Level Three Ownership as one of my electives this year has added an irreplaceable value to my high school experience. This class has changed the way I view small business's in my community, creating a curiosity and analytical level of questioning to better understand different methods of running a business. 
         This class has also helped me work with different personalities and has improved my leadership skills. As CEO of Strictly Panther Business I have come across many conflicts, from shipping missteps to class productivity issues; and with each of the issues I have come across, a learning experience has followed. An example of a learning experience SPB and I faced dealt with the necessity to properly label shipments to the appropriate destination. My class and I learned this lesson because we had highly anticipated samples shipped to the school addressed to "Palmetto High School" rather than our teacher, Exposito. Three weeks passed by after production ordered samples of headbands and water bottles and we became suspicious. To our dismay, we found out that the samples were given out to various students around the school before we had the chance to analyze the products. After that issue, we re-orded the samples and have not made the same mistake since. 
       Each day we learn from our mistakes and grow together individually and as a class. All and all I have improved and am extremely satisfied with my choice to take Level Three Ownership this year. 

Friday, March 4, 2016



           For all of the seniors who are reading this, this is your last year that you will be walking down these same hallways, the last time that you will spend this much time with your favorite teachers and the last time you will walk on to that court or field as part of the palmetto team. In addition, your last chance to buy all of our SPB products is approaching! BUT you don't have to fret. Instead, bring 5 dollars to room 205 today to purchase ALL of our products (A TEN DOLLAR VALUE) For HALF the price! 

     Included in this super fantastic P-Strong Bundle is the following:

- P-Strong headband (3 dollar value)
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- Nike PANTHER STRONG wristband (1 dollar value)
- PALMETTO PANTHERS Lanyard (3 dollar value)
- TWO P stickers (2 dollar value) 


This deal is a steal and our supplies are limited! Grab yours today before your other school mates snatch up all of our inventory. Not only will you be able to rock the P-Strong look during your last year, you will be able to bring a taste of Palmetto with you to your future endeavors because once you are a Panther, you are ALWAYS a Panther! #PANTHER-STRONG