Monday, May 16, 2016

Staying current with SPB

        Strictly Panther Business is not simply a business class. It is a community of forward thinkers and productive students. Thinking all the time about the fast paced world of business, an interesting article was presented as one of many reminders that business is all around us. Titled 8 Entrepreneurs you should follow in 2016. Ranging from authors to stock brokers, this article includes many young, growing entrepreneurs. Reading this article is both inspiring and captivating and I encourage everyone to join the great experience of learning about young entrepreneurs too!

The following passages are direct quotes about the top three entrepreneurs to watch from the article that I found particularly interesting.

1. Gary Vaynerchuk

This best-selling author is one of the most-followed entrepreneurs on social media and for good reason.Gary Vaynerchuk runs VaynerMedia and is an established worldwide entrepreneur. He has a new book out called Ask GaryVee that helps others learn how to find success in today's market. A bonus for Twitter followers? He also uses social media to teach entrepreneurs.

2. Grant Cardone

The New York Times best-selling author and motivational speaker Grant Cardone runsCardone University and has a huge presence on Twitter, which makes him very fun to follow. He also has strong Facebook and Instagram followings and does live streams on Periscope. One of Cardone's biggest claims to fame is that he owns the investment company Cardone Acquisitions, which has bought and sold more than $500 million of real estate.

3. Ramon Ray

Ramon Ray is the founder of the acclaimed entrepreneurship blog He speaks around the world on topics of marketing and entrepreneurship. As the publisher of Smart Hustle Magazine,he knows a thing or two about finding success in today's market. Follow him on Twitter and you'll receive nuggets of knowledge on what it takes to make it. His website's motto is "Fun. Informative. High Energy!" and that is the experience his tweets deliver as well.

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