Monday, March 28, 2016

Talented Talkers

By signing up for SPB, one is signing up for many unique in-school opportunities. Of these in-school opportunities, listening to many business savvy guest speakers is one of them.

The academy of entrepreneurship consists of three tier classes. Because Level Three Business Ownership is the top tier of the entrepreneurship program at Palmetto, when a guest speaker comes to talk to our class, or either of the first two tiers, we have a unique opportunity to learn from those who have experienced business in the "real world." Each of the speakers we have learned from have added value to the lessons we learn in class and each contribute to teaching an aspect of business not covered by the last. 

Over the course of the year we have learned from many business savvy individuals. We have heard the business stories of entrepreneurs first starting their company and have helped survey sample products they were trying to introduce. We have had a presentation on the way we should dress in many business scenarios given by Mens Warehouse which I thought was both helpful and at times surprising. I definitely walked out of that presentation feeling like I had my first step down to buying clothes I will need for my first real job or internship interview. We have also been talked to by renowned authors such as David Bianchi, who wrote the number one business book for kids on Amazon for over a month, called Blue Chip Kids. David Bianchi taught us the importance of learning about money before you go to college in order to use your money responsibly and in it's best interest. For example, avoiding too much student debt by choosing a college that fits your fiscal standing point. During his presentation, Bianchi stressed this because of the fact that student debt will not dissolve if you declare bankruptcy; which means you really can't run a away from it.  

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