Wednesday, April 20, 2016

SPB's CEO Biography

Chief Executive Officer- Shelby Reamer

      Shelby Reamer, A senior in the class of '16 contributed to the 2015-2016 Strictly Panther Business as CEO of SPB. Shelby was elected CEO due to her experience as her Varsity Lacrosse team's captain as well as the leader of several community service projects throughout her high school career. This contributed to her strong leadership presence in the dynamic of the 2015-2016 SPB. Shelby worked with her team to create innovative ideas for SPB such as introducing wholesale products and providing fundraisers for teams and organizations. Shelby will be attending the University of Florida and plans on using the foundation that this business has provided her to succeed with a degree in business management. Shelby worked hard to keep her team motivated and follow through with ideas which helped the 2015-2016 become the most profitable company so far. 

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