Friday, March 18, 2016

What SPB has done for me

        Choosing Level Three Ownership as one of my electives this year has added an irreplaceable value to my high school experience. This class has changed the way I view small business's in my community, creating a curiosity and analytical level of questioning to better understand different methods of running a business. 
         This class has also helped me work with different personalities and has improved my leadership skills. As CEO of Strictly Panther Business I have come across many conflicts, from shipping missteps to class productivity issues; and with each of the issues I have come across, a learning experience has followed. An example of a learning experience SPB and I faced dealt with the necessity to properly label shipments to the appropriate destination. My class and I learned this lesson because we had highly anticipated samples shipped to the school addressed to "Palmetto High School" rather than our teacher, Exposito. Three weeks passed by after production ordered samples of headbands and water bottles and we became suspicious. To our dismay, we found out that the samples were given out to various students around the school before we had the chance to analyze the products. After that issue, we re-orded the samples and have not made the same mistake since. 
       Each day we learn from our mistakes and grow together individually and as a class. All and all I have improved and am extremely satisfied with my choice to take Level Three Ownership this year. 

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