Friday, April 22, 2016

Why PR is so important to SPB

         In our company, Public Relations is responsible for controlling the relationship between SPB and our customers. They also shape the light that people view our company in. The Public Relation team of SPB contacts local newspaper companies and works with the school's PTSA to spread the word and make sure that people know where to purchase our products and why one should support our company.

         Our PR team works hard to ensure that our market knows about the unique program that this business runs through and how we give back to make our community a better place. Because of SPB's PR, people know that this business has provided students with an irreplaceable  real-life experience towards a business or finance sector not available in any other class in this school. By choosing the third tear of entrepreneurship as a class in their schedule, students are able to get a taste of the business world and find out if they would enjoy pursuing business as a possible career. This class also teaches students real life skills such as teaching information about taxes and working together as a team. In this way, by supporting SPB, one is supporting aspiring entrepreneurs and students looking to grow our community in future businesses.

          Furthermore, SPB is on track to surpass our goal this year to donate over five hundred dollars made from selling our SPB products to Palmetto High School's weight room revamp project funded by many organizations and private donors as well. The more that our class sells for the remainder of the year, the more money we will be able to donate to our school's weight room.

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  1. I think you guys can surpass your goal! Goodluck!