Wednesday, April 27, 2016

SPB Executive Summary

Executive Summary
Strictly Panther Business, better known as SPB provides students a space to exercise and explore their entrepreneurial skills while applying concepts learned in the two previous years in the Academy of Business. SPB is a student owned and student operated Junior Achievement Company at Miami Palmetto Senior High School. The company designs, produces, markets and sells PantherStrong brand products with a team of 27 students, our teacher/advisor, and local business adviser. The ultimate goal of our company is to donate $500 towards the remodeling of our school’s weight room. As of now we have 480 dollars going to the gym room but once we sell out we will surpase our goal. 

• Wristbands- Blue / Black / Red
Glow in the dark 
White PantherStrong Print
• Chap Stick
Panther Smooth Logo
Refreshmint Flavor 
• Necklaces
Panthora silver paw-print charm
Silver chain
Presented in an organza bag with chocolate
• Headbands
PantherStrong logo on a blue elastic band
• P Stickers
Light blue “P” with glossy white or matte grey finish
Weather resistant
• Hairties
Panthora silver heart bead
Elastic band available in tie-dye, blue, chevron, pink, red or black
• Lanyards
Grey lanyard with light blue PantherStrong logo
Dark blue lanyard with white Palmetto Panthers logo

Strictly Panther Business started with an initial investment of $480. With 75 stocks total, 27 stocks were issued for free so every employee would hold at least one share in the company. The remaining 48 stocks were then sold in a closed market for $10 each. Each member of the business was allowed up to 5 shares. 

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  1. I bought one of your P stickers the other day. I put it on my laptop and I love it!!