Monday, February 1, 2016

"Your girl deserves the best, Give us your money and we'll take care of the rest."

It's officially February and SPB members are turning their gears to spread love and finely crafted valentine's day products around our school.

Next week our sales team will be present at the pawvillion, and the school store so you can pre-order your sweetheart a hand delivered package they will get during school for valentine's day.

The packages are only $3 and consist of a Panthora necklace or mint chap stick and a wristband, each included with a special treat. To the right is the sterling silver Panthora necklace option available for your valentine's day package-
Sterling Silver Panthora necklace with a Treat

Any color wristband, chap stick, or classic "P" sticker can be added to your valentine's package to make it extra special along with a personalized message from you!

Image result for valentines heart

When you purchase your valentine a Panthora package this form will be presented:

Each of these products are the perfect gift for friends or loved ones and is a great surprise for that special someone. Just think of the smile you will make as your valentine's whole class watches him/her receive their gift with awe and envy.

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