Thursday, February 18, 2016

Why you should sign up for SPB:

Although many of the viewers of this blog are seniors, SPB is a class that should be looked into by anyone interested in the field of business and still has time to take it. 

The class is mostly comprised of Juniors and Seniors and allows students to get hands on experience in the business world. Hard working and self motivated students thrive in this class and will get the most out of it in the end. 

SPB is the third tier of the academy of entrepreneurship offered at Palmetto. Attending the first two business classes is preferable before taking this class, to provide a solid foundation and easy transition to a fast paced business oriented environment; however, surpassing this process may be an option to seniors who have been interviewed by Mrs.Exposito (the teacher of our class).

Personally, I can thank this class for teaching me how to negotiate with customers and vendors, helping improve my organization skills and learning how to delegate tasks and work with others. Because I am one of the CEOs of this business I have a wide overview of the company and the way it runs. I have learned from and worked on tasks from each department, growing myself as well as many aspects of our business. 

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