Friday, January 29, 2016

Vision Mission and Goals

As with any successful business, we too have a vision, mission and unified goals. Uniquely, SPB made it's values based on our entire class's beliefs rather than that of only leadership positions.

Our Vision: Knowledge and success through experience and unity.

Our Mission: We challenge our teams to come together and work with sincerity, integrity, and eagerness, building experience in our pursuit to provide unequaled products and service to our panther community.

1. To introduce and instruct our peers on the fundamental principles of entrepreneurship.
2. To generate the maximum amount of profit from initial investment.
3. To maintain an efficient and professional working environment.
4. To benefit our school, community, and non-profit charitable organization.
5. To sustain our image as a dependable and recognizable corporation.


  1. Your blogs are very inspirational and instructive. I truly agree with you, these are the goals that great companies should pursue in order to become successful and accredited.

  2. I admire your ambition and have bought several panther strong accessories from you. Continue with the awesome work.

  3. I bought your bands and accessories! I actually but some of them and I wear it with pride! PANTHER STRONG!

  4. I love how passionate you are about SPB. But my favorite part about the program is that you guys donate the money you make to charities. Keep up the great work!!