Friday, February 12, 2016

New Products are in!

So far this year, SPB has supplied the school with Panther Strong wristbands, "P" stickers, two designs of lanyards and sterling silver "panthora" necklaces. This monday we made addition to this entourage. Chapstick and Headbands! The Panther smooth chap stick is minty and smooth and leaves your chapped lips feeling relieved and fresh! It is a definite necessity in this cold Miami weather and only $1. The headbands are perfect for athletes or anyone with the perfect "flow." Come get yours for only 3 dollars today in room 205!

Remember, purchasing these products will not only make you the coolest cats in school, but will support our community of Pinecrest and Palmetto's growing business program! Be panther strong, buy an SPB product! #gopanthers


  1. I think that the pandora bracelets are a great idea to sell to palmetto students. I have heard many people buying it. Goodluck!!!

  2. I love the spirit that you have for your club,keep up the good work.